Duck and waterfowl rescue.

Bear Ridge Ranch Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing on rescue, rehabilitation, and possible rehoming of domestic ducks and other waterfowl such as geese.

We also aim to educate the public about the proper care of domestic waterfowl and of the dangers of releasing them into public lakes and ponds.

BRR Rescue works with the San Diego Humane Society as a rescue partner, with Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Orange County and International Bird Rescue in Los Angeles as one of their domestic waterfowl rescues.

We gratefully use wonderful veterinarians at Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital San Diego to care for our rescued and personal birds.

In addition to rescuing domestic waterfowl, we also raise Heritage Breed poultry. We are committed to helping preserve the breeds of a bygone era.

Non-profit ID #87-3124300

Certified Organic Eggs. CDFA Organic Registration Organic ID: 37-010849

Certified Wildlife Habitat® site with the National Wildlife Federation ID is: 260988

The Livestock Conservancy MemberTo protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction”

Duck love is recognizable in any language” — Edmond Manning


We rescue any abandoned, ill, injured, or neglected duck or other waterfowl in the greater San Diego County area. We will pick up or allow drop-off of any waterfowl in need of our help. Any duck in need will be safely and lovingly given care, comfort, and a lifelong home.


We help waterfowl such as ducks and geese recover from illness or injury. To help prepare them for rehoming, we socialize the birds with humans of all ages, other waterfowl, as well as with dogs and cats.


Our goal is to get each rescued duck or goose into a loving forever home!


We hope to educate and raise awareness of traditional livestock breeds that are now endangered or threatened. By raising our Heritage Breed poultry we can contribute to the genetic conservation and preservation of these bygone breeds.