The Scott family (Jason, Loretta, Isabel, Zoe and the pets) moved to Valley Center in March of 2020 just prior to the world shutting down. We purchased 8+ acres off Woods Valley Road near Bates Nut Farm, with the dream of building a family compound and starting a small sustainable family farm. As lifelong animal adopters and rescuers, we had the added idea of bringing rescued farm animals to our ranch and helping them rehabilitate.

We started small with chickens and our dogs, Westley and Fezzik. Quickly we’ve added ducks and a guardian goose. We have fallen completely in love with raising our Heritage Breed ducks, whose quirky personalities provide endless entertainment and joy.

As we continued to add ducklings to our flock, we realized we particularly love ducks!

Then along came Lucky. Friends of ours contacted us one night about a single day-old duckling that their daughter had been given in a little box outside of a local feed store. Knowing about our ducks, they asked if we could take the baby duckling. We did, and named her Lucky. This led us to change our priorities a bit and form Bear Ridge Ranch Rescue, Inc. a non-profit 501c3 as a duck and waterfowl rescue.

Our dream has now evolved into the desire to provide a refuge for our domestic feathered friends. And to continue to help protect and conserve the rare heritage breeds. A safe, welcoming place for ducks, geese, and chickens to coexist with us and our other animals. A place where we show them the love they deserve!

Follow along with us on this new adventure! Our journey has just begun…