New Home(stead)!

May 25, 2020

Well we have been in this new home now for a few months and have already completed many projects towards a more self sustainable life. We have identified an area for our future garden and built a fence around it.

We bought pre-built fence sections and had to disassemble and reassemble all but three of them in order to follow the contours of the hill.

The gate to the garden and chicken coop

The coop. I have built chicken coops in the past from lumber, however, when we saw this kit and how it already matched our main house we decided that not only would it be easier but we wouldn’t have to paint it either.

As far as chickens go we have three 6 month old New Hampshire’s two Ameraucana chicks and one Rhode Island Red chick. No eggs yet, but we are hoping for them soon. 

This is Wesley our street mutt rescue. He is a mix of German Shepard, Boxer, Chow, and Pit Bull according to the doggie DNA test we had run.

This is our other rescue Fezzik, he is a Labrador, Great Dane cross and at six months old tomorrow weighs 70 pounds! He is going to be a big boy.

Finally speaking of big boys, this is our house cat Mister Man. We rescued him about eight years ago and he currently thinks that he is the Alpha Dog in our pack, regularly handing out little beatings to the other boys.

Next on the list of projects are sorting out the irrigation on the property to make sure that all of the flowers and trees are getting enough water, making sure that the garden area will have its own water source and control mechanism, and researching the care of citrus trees. Going to be a HOT summer.