These are the current ducks we have at our rescue. We try to update this page weekly with new information and photos!

Lucky (the original rescue Duck)

The duck that started it all. Lucky was our very first rescue on 9/19/2021. Our friends’ daughter and her companion had discovered two day-old ducklings left in a cardboard box outside a feed store in Temecula. They took one to the Humane Society and kept the little black one. We met up with them and took in the little black duckling the next day.

Lucky also comes inside the house to hang out with us, the dogs, and our cats.

Lucky is now the Bear Ridge Ranch Rescue mascot. He happily lives a very spoiled life in his own chalet that Jason made for him on our front porch.

When the dogs are outside, Lucky runs around and plays with them. He enjoys nipping at their feet, tails, and especially their dog tags.

He loves to be anywhere his best friend, Fezzik (our Great Dane) is. Lucky adores this big dog and Fezzik is very gentle and patient with his new feathered friend.

He really thinks he is a dog!

One of Lucky’s favorite things to play with…dog tags!

Don and Gerry

This bonded pair came home with us November 28. They were our first rescue as an official organization. We had just reached out with our contact information to local wildlife rescue centers, humane societies, etc. in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties. One of them, Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Orange County, referred us to a lovely couple of retired professors at UC Irvine. They had just saved this young pair of ducklings that had been dumped at the marshlands surrounding the campus.

Don and Gerry are definitely two young male Welsh Harlequins. We think were possibly 4-6 weeks old when we got them.

UPDATE: Don and Gerry are currently available for adoption!

Don and Gerry are growing up to be gorgeous boys!

Handsome Don!

Jimmy, Walker, and Teeter

On 12/11/21 we got a call from a fellow animal lover in Orange County who found a recently dumped trio of white Pekin ducks at a local park.

This trio was being harassed and chased off the pond by the local wildlife. One of the ducks, the female, had an injured leg. This added to the problem of the trio not being safe at the park.

Thanks to the good Samaritans who found and saved this trio, we were able to take them into our care.

The female’s injuries to her neck (missing feathers) seemed to be from over-mating with her two male companions. Her leg injury was either a deformity from birth or an old, healed incident. She gets around just fine with a little limp.

UPDATE: This adorable Pekin trio has been adopted!

They found their forever home at Zephyr Mountain Grove in Wildomar, CA with the Sands family. These lucky ducks get to live the good life on a 20 acre avocado and citrus grove that sits high above the city. They share the grove with dozens of chickens, guinea fowl, dogs, cats, kids, and even Hip Campers.

If you’d like to follow their continuing journey, please check out Zephyr Mountain Grove at

They have some amazing views, yummy avocadoes, and lots of cool events planned for the future!

Jack(ie) and Diane

Two more white Pekin females taken in on 12/30/2021. Each one was an owner surrender from Orange County.

Diane is the larger duck with the darker orange bill. She was given to us by a lovely family in Santa Ana. She is super sweet! We think about one year old. Easy to handle and snuggle. Likes to be carried. She even laid us an egg after her first night with us. Family called her Duckie, so we changed name to Diane. Jason’s idea since the other rescue was named Jack. Get it? From the song “Jack and Diane” by John Cougar Mellencamp.

Jack(ie) was given to us by a nice young college student from Whittier. He had raised her since she was a baby in April. He thought she was a he, so he used the name Jack. Once we got home and got them set up, she started quacking and we realized he was actually a she! Now she’s called Jackie. Also very sweet, friendly, and easy to handle.

For two ducks who had never been around any other poultry, they are getting along famously!

UPDATE: These two have been adopted!

They found their forever home at Zephyr Mountain Grove in Wildomar, CA with the Sands family. These lucky ducks get to live the good life on a 20 acre avocado and citrus grove that sits high above the city. They share the grove with dozens of chickens, guinea fowl, dogs, cats, kids, and even Hip Campers.

If you’d like to follow their continuing journey, please check out Zephyr Mountain Grove at


Our first rescue of the new year.

We got a call on 1/4/22 from a young woman asking for help with a duck that showed up that morning on her grandparent’s front lawn. It spend the entire day in that one spot and they were concerned.

When we arrived it was fairly easy to catch and did not appear injured or ill. We named it Monty, after the SDSU mascot since the home was located near the college and off Montezuma Ave.

UPDATE: Monty is a female! She started laying this week. While she prefers to sleep in her own enclosure, she now spends her days integrated with the flock. Monty likes to swim, forage, and explore. She is getting along well with the other ducks, geese, and chickens. She loves to roost at night.

UPDATE: Monty is no longer available for adoption. She has bonded with our injured goose Henry!


Our newest rescue from 1/19/22. A wonderful young man (named Henry) asked for help on Instagram to rescue this injured goose at Alondra Park in Lawndale. We connected with Henry the person and with his help were able to catch Henry the goose.

His right wing was severely drooping and he could no longer fly. He also seemed to be a bit underweight.

We brought Henry home with us and put him in a secure isolated coop for the night. The next day we were thankfully able to get an appointment with Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego.

X-ray of Henry’s wing. It’s not broken, but bone shows deterioration. Not sure at the moment what is causing this. But his wing is very swollen and hot to the touch.

Vet thought it could be from an infection or from cancer.

Henry Update February 5, 2022: We had planned to return Henry to his flock and lake on Sunday. However, he has sadly taken a turn for the worse. After the past week of being off all meds and happily roaming free with our flock, his wing began to droop again suddenly on Friday.

We feel it would be irresponsible of us to release Henry at this time. He will need more vet care to treat his wing, so he will remain with us indefinitely. Henry has integrated very well with our flock and we have fallen in love with him. It will be our pleasure to take care of him.

We are taking him back to the wonderful Dr. Jenkins of Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego

UPDATE 3/7/22: Dr. Jenkins found that Henry’s left wing was also previously injured; it had old fractures at wrist and shoulder, as well as dislocation. This has reduced the range of motion of this wing. Henry actually has more movement in the right wing, which is the droopy one.

Dr. Jenkins came up with the brilliant idea of creating a custom harness of sorts (like a Falcon Bridle) so that Henry doesn’t have to strain to hold up his wing.

Stay tuned! We have a leather-maker who is willing to make this for Henry.

John Glenn

This young male Buff was found on 2/18/2022 on a property in the Paradise Mountain area of Valley Center. He just showed up the day prior and spent the night hovering along a fence-line between two properties, taking shelter under a tree. We named him after the two gentlemen (the neighbors) who called us to rescue him.

John Glenn appears to be young; definitely less than a year old. He is stunningly handsome! He was easy to catch and hold; is very friendly with people. We have him in isolation for 10-14 days for biosecurity measures. Then we will introduce him to our flock to check his socialization skills.

UPDATE: John Glenn has been adopted.

This handsome fella was adopted! He went home to a wonderful family here in Valley Center who already has female ducks and was looking for a drake. JG is now enjoying his ladies as well as his human little brother!

Abe, George, and Earl

This gorgeous trio of Black Swedish brothers was owner surrendered on 2/21/22. They were purchased in spring of 2021 as young ducklings from a local feed store. That makes them almost one year old.

They were raised by a family whose daughter was involved in 4H, but then graduated high school and left for college.

Since we took them in on Presidents’ Day Holiday, we named them after the family and the two Presidents whom we celebrate.

The brothers will be kept in isolation for the first 10-14 days for biosecurity, then we will introduce them to the flock.

So far, Earl seems to be the alpha. He is the biggest and most assertive of the trio. They all seem to get along well with each other!

UPDATE: The brothers are available for adoption!

Lamotte (aka Sherman)

This sweet boy was dumped, with an open wound on his breastbone, at Alondra Lake. This is the same lake we rescued Henry from. It’s sadly a popular place for the dumping of domestic ducks and geese.

Our outstanding human contact who knows all the birds there and watches over them alerted us to Lamotte earlier in the week. He kept a close eye on him until we could get up there to rescue.

Lamotte was very clearly a loved pet. He is large, healthy, very clean, and super friendly and sweet. Very calm boy.

The wound appears to be superficial and we are currently treating it while he remains in isolation. We are hopeful it is something we can treat, but otherwise, we will take him to see Dr. Jeff.

UPDATE: Lamotte (who Jason calls Sherman) is doing very well! His chest wound has healed. Dr. Jeff found bumblefoot on both feet and we’ve successfully treated it.

He is now fully integrated with the main flock, even sleeping in the big coop.

He has also made a little love match with one of our Buff girls, Princess Leia!

Lamotte/Sherman gets along very well with the other drakes, geese, chickens, and is very polite to all the females.

UPDATE: Sherman is currently available for adoption!

Lamotte (Sherman) has made a match! His girlfriend is Princess Leia, one of our Buff girls.


This little cutie was found at a park in LA by a nice family. We think it is about 3-4 weeks old, and most likely a Pekin.

Since we cannot determine this cutie’s gender yet, we’re calling them Pickles.

For now they’re living in a brooder in our “nursery” aka master bathroom.

Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE: Pickles is doing very well. They have imprinted on Jason, and prefers to be snuggled!

Pickles is still living in the house. We’ve discovered they get very upset when left alone, even with their stuffed Bunny. So if we have to leave the house, Pickles gets moved to the great room in a playpen. We put the TV on Animal Planet and make sure the indoor animals are around. This seems to comfort Pickles for a while.

Pickles is a snuggly lovebug!!!
And Pickles is still a house duck….
Pickles imprinted on Jason immediately. We think because the person who dumped Pickles was also a man.
Best Friends now


Meet Maverick!

This gorgeous boy is a Muscovy/Magpie hybrid, so we think. Maverick’s parents found him as a young duckling and have cared for him ever since. They are away for the summer, so we are “duck sitting” Mr. Maverick.