We’re Dreaming of a Duck Pond…

Our ducks need your help! If you’re feeling generous on the year’s Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to our “Put in a Pond” donorbox campaign.

A small stock tank pool for the ducklings

We currently use several small plastic kiddie pools and one stock tank pool for our waterfowl water sources. These are not ideal. They are small, so only 2-4 ducks can get in at one time (and they LOVE to swim together!). Also, they get filthy quickly so we have to change out the water nearly every other day. We want to keep fresh and clean water as much as possible for our feathered friends. They need this for bathing, drinking, and socializing.

A larger stock tank pool

Our hope is to raise enough money to build a proper pond. One large enough for most, if not all, of the current flock of 25 birds to fit in. And one that has a filtration system, so the water is kept clean and fresh.

We’ve set up a campaign on donorbox to fund this project. We would greatly appreciate any and all assistance!