All Proceeds Go to Helping the Ducks and Geese in Our Rescue

Every cent of profits from our egg and merchandise sales are put back into the rescue. They help to cover every day maintenance costs, such as feed, water, and vet care.

Certified Organic Eggs

Chicken Eggs

Our eggs come from free-range hens who are fed corn and soy-free Organic feed, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from local Organic farms.

Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs come from free-range ducks who are fed corn and soy-free Organic feed, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit that are sourced from local Organic farms.

Goose Eggs

Our goose eggs come from our resident Guardian Goose, Ryan the Gosling. She consumes the same soy and corn-free Organic feed as our ducks and chickens. She also enjoys the same fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ways to purchase our Eggs:

LocalHarvest is an organization that “connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it.” They have an online directory of farms and farmers markets, along with restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food. Our rescue is on there!

Etsy Shop

We’re called BearRidgeRanchMarket on Etsy

Other Merchandise

T-shirts and Hoodies

Our logo and other fun designs are on T-shirts and Hoodies! These are available as a non-profit fundraising campaign through Bonfire.

To purchase these, please visit our Bonfire Store at


Show your support for our rescue with our logo stickers or some of our funny stickers!

To purchase the stickers, please visit our Etsy Shop:

Poker Chips

Tell all your gaming friends about our rescue by using our custom logo and Get Lucky! image on premium clay poker chips. Front and back displayed here.

These are available at events we attend and also on our Etsy Shop.

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