Organic, farm-fresh eggs from our free-ranging ducks.

Sold by the dozen, half dozen, or 4 pack.


Our eggs are unwashed freshly laid eggs that are picked and shipped daily. There may be some dirt or marks on the egg. We leave the bloom (invisible protective layer) intact on the shell by not washing the eggs. That is why fresh unwashed eggs can sit on your counter and not require refrigeration. Egg sizes and shapes will vary. These are not commercially produced eggs. Some eggs will be larger than others.

Our Breeds: Welsh Harlequin, Silver Appleyard, Blue Swedish, Black Swedish, and Cayuga.

1 Dozen = $30.00

Half Dozen = $16.00

4 pack = $8.00

Shipping/Delivery Options:

Free local delivery in Valley Center.

Free shipping! We use USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box to ship in 1-3 days from order.

Note:  Duck eggs are generally 50% than chicken eggs.  A duck egg’s shell is thicker and its white tends to be nearly transparent.  Duck egg yolks are prized by chefs because they are much bigger than a chicken yolk. Partly due to the larger yolk, duck eggs are significantly higher in both fat and cholesterol than chicken eggs. But they’re also higher in protein and have a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.  Besides that, duck eggs have a nutritional profile similar to chicken eggs.

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